USDA Bans Junk Food in Schools – Will Salty Snacks Move to Black Market?



If public school kids thought their “Let’s Move” lunches were bad before, just wait until they find out what’s in store for them this school year: starting in July, no more junk food anywhere in school vending machines, stores or lunchrooms and draconian calorie, sugar and salt limits on any food sold at schools.

Schools that don’t comply face fines or loss of Federal funding. The USDA rulebook is 54 pages long but here are a few of the rules:

  • Any food sold must be a fruit, a vegetable, a dairy product, a protein-rich food (meat, beans, eggs, nuts, etc.,) a whole-grain rich food or a combo-food that has at least ¼ cup fruit or vegetable.
  • Calories for snacks must not exceed 200, and 350 calories is the maximum for entrees.
  • Sugar cannot exceed 35% by weight (although some fruits are excepted.)
  • Sodium must not exceed 230 mg.
  • No more than 35% calories can come from fat, no more than 10% for saturated fat, and no trans-fat.

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