U.S. Debt Up $1,608,304 for Each Baby Born the Year Obama Took Office

Ron Paul Obummer

Under President Barack Obama, the total debt of the U.S. government has increased by approximately $1,608,304 for each of the 4,130,665 babies born in the United States in 2009, the year Obama took office.

Today–Jan. 20, 2009–is the fifth anniversary of Obama’s first inauguration.

If the federal government were to continue accumulating net debt throughout the expected 78.5-year lifespan of a baby born in 2009 at the same average annual pace it has accumulated net debt during Obama’s first five years as president, the government would add more than $104 trillion in net debt during the life expectancy of those babies.

So far during Obama’s presidency, the federal government has borrowed a net total of $6,643,363,305,451.78. That works out to an average of approximately $1,328,672,661,090 per year, or $104,300,803,895,565 over 78.5 years.

The National Center for Health Statistics estimates that the life expectancy of a baby born in the United States in 2009 is 78.5 years.

The $104,300,803,895,565 the federal government would borrow during the lifetimes of babies born in 2009—if the government were to continue to borrow at the annual pace of $1,328,672,661,090 it maintained in Obama’s first five years—would equal approximately $25,250,366 for each of those babies.

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