The Patriot Power Hour w/ Lucifer Bernanke


Are you tired of being a chump? Are you sick of being dictated to and financially raped by the Banksters and their Minions? Then be sure to check out the Patriot Power Hour w/ Lucifer Bernanke, which airs LIVE each and every Sunday night at 9 PM Eastern on the Waking America Radio Network (WARN).

The Patriot Power Hour will cover a myriad of topics each week; specializing in economics and finance, the show will branch out to other important fields of study and debate as well, including geopolitics, technology, and current events. The Patriot Power Hour is your one-stop shop for the latest information affecting our country, and our world.

Can’t tune in LIVE at 9 PM Eastern on Sunday Nights? Simply copy the URL contained within THIS HYPERLINK and use it to subscribe to the podcast using iTunes or your favorite Podcast Player, for free, of course!

The host, Ben (@LuciferBernanke), holds an M.S. in Finance from Purdue University; since awakening to the Banksters and New World Order post-9/11, Ben has dedicated his life to researching, analyzing, and exposing the private Federal Reserve System and the Banksters who have put our economy on the brink of utter collapse.


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