New Ukrainian Government Requests $35 Billion In Aid Over Next 2 Years

IMF Ukraine

The Russians had dangled their multi-billion euro carrot – then swiftly removed it pending further details of who is really running the show (demanding a crackdown on the extremists who are trying to establish power).

The Europeans have promised an even bigger carrot – predicated on, we presume, total abdication of sovereignty.

But now the Americans are jumping in – Treasury Secretary Jack Lew “urged” Ukraine’s interim leader Yatsenyuk to start talks with the IMF as he and Lagarde agreed the fund would be the best foundation for advice and financing (if sought by a fully established Ukrainian government).

Just this morning, Ukraine explained it needed $35 billion over the next 2 years…

The Russians have made it clear they are not amused… (via Interfax)

Moscow on Monday urged the Ukrainians to bring back the situation in their country into “the legal framework” and “crack down on the extremists who are trying to get established in power.”

“We earnestly call upon all those who are involved in the crisis in Ukraine to show the maximum sense of responsibility, to take action to prevent the further degradation of the situation, to bring it back into the legal framework, and to crack down on the extremists who are trying to get established in power,” Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement posted on its website,

The ministry expressed “extreme anxiety” over current developments in Ukraine.

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