MSNBC Host Calls On Obama To Rule By Decree


“Well the president has got to do this… Look he’s got three years left! Don’t be a lame duck! Stand up, show the kind of spine that you display when you’re sick and tired of being you know, uh treated and mistreated and the American people being mistreated. This president has the bully pulpit, he has the will of the American people, so many of us who stand behind him. And I think that he’s gotta trudge forward,” said Dyson.

“Now it’s true that this do nothing, obstructionist Congress on the one hand, can tie his hand, but there’s enough executive orders he can achieve on one hand. And also getting out there and rallying the troops so to speak. Using the brilliant oratorical skills he has to be able to enliven, edify and encourage American citizens to go to the polls, because he’s not on the ballot.”


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