Map: Where Is Ukraine?


Where is Ukraine



Only one out of six Americans could correctly locate Ukraine on a map of the world, but perhaps even more disconcerting, as The Washington Post reports, the farther their guesses were from Ukraine’s actual location, the more they wanted the US to intervene with military force

As The Washington Post reports,

Accuracy varies across demographic groups. In general, younger Americans tended to provide more accurate responses than their older counterparts: 27 percent of 18-24 year olds correctly identified Ukraine, compared with 14 percent of 65+ year-olds. Men tended to do better than women, with 20 percent of men correctly identifying Ukraine and 13 percent  of women.

Interestingly, members of military households were no more likely to correctly locate Ukraine (16.1 percent  correct) than members of non-military households (16 percent  correct), but self-identified independents (29 percent  correct) outperformed both Democrats (14 percent  correct) and Republicans (15 percent  correct).  Unsurprisingly, college graduates (21 percent  correct) were more likely to know where Ukraine was than non-college graduates (13 percent  correct), but even 77 percent  of college graduates failed to correctly place Ukraine on a map.

The proportion of college grads who could correctly identify Ukraine is only slightly higher than the proportion of Americans who told Pew that President Obama was Muslim in August 2010.

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