China Halts U.S. Grain Imports Due to GMO Concerns, Impacting U.S. Grain Sector


China has somewhat of a history when it comes to refusing GMOs from the United States. Now, due to fears that genetically modified grains will find their way in, China recently put the brakes on some U.S. grain imports, imports that amount to hundreds of thousands of tons per month. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the move by Chinese regulators is just the latest in an effort from the country to keep GM corn outside of its borders.

The grain in question is a corn product known as DDGS, or dried distillers’ grains. Used in animal feed production, it is essentially a leftover from when corn is processed into ethanol.

The concern is that MIR 162, a genetically modified strain of corn, will find its way in among the DDGS despite not being approved by the Chinese government. Their concern isn’t without cause. Of 613,678 tons that were reported at Chinese customs in April, 600,000 tons tested positive for MIR 162.

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