Tibanne CEO Mark Karpeles At Mt.Gox Bitcoin Exchange And Bitcoin Images

Beyond Mt. Gox, bitcoin believers keep the faith, see more robust system

The apparent collapse of Tokyo-based bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox isn’t bothering Anthony Hope and others who have ditched steady careers in government and finance to build bitcoin companies – and who stand to lose money they have in Mt. Gox. Hope, a former British Treasury official and now head of compliance at Hong Kong-based MatrixVision,…

Worldwide WiFi

Forget the Internet – soon there will be the OUTERNET: Company plans to beam free Wi-fi to every person on Earth from space

You might think you have to pay through the nose at the moment to access the Internet. But one ambitious organisation called the Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) is planning to turn the age of online computing on its head by giving free web access to every person on Earth. Known as Outernet, MDIF plans to…


Las Vegas casinos adopt new form of currency: Bitcoin

Who needs poker chips? There’s a new currency coming to Las Vegas casinos: the Bitcoin. Starting Wednesday, The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel and Golden Gate Hotel & Casino will begin collecting the digital currency that merchants increasingly are starting to accept. The two downtown Vegas properties, which share an owner, will accept the currency…


Interview: Overstock CEO Hopes “Bitcoin Destroys Central Banking”

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne goes to town on Keynesian Crony Paul Krugman in this brief interview. Byrne blasts Krugman for everything from his “unethical” involvement in the Enron debacle to his present day view that “the market failed so we need more government; or freedom failed so we need more government.” Noting that Krugman may have done…


Monsatan Readies First-Ever GMO Wheat

Biotech titan Monsanto has made significant advances in the development of herbicide-tolerant wheat, the company announced recently, and could have the first-of-its-kind crop ready for farming in just a few years’ time. Genetically-modified wheat isn’t legally approved anywhere in the world, but the billion-dollar St. Louis, Missouri-based agriculture company has for years been determined to…


Fish testing at 124 times over radiation limit caught off Fukushima

Fish with deadly levels of radioactive cesium have been caught just off the coast of Fukushima prefecture, as scientists continue to assess the damage caused to the marine food chain by the 2011 nuclear disaster. One of the samples of the 37 black sea bream specimens caught some 37 kilometers south of the crippled power…

Bitcoin for Beer


Bitcoins are becoming more and more widely accepted. About a month ago a Floridian bought a Tesla car for a hundred Bitcoins. And the trend does not stop there. A bar in Spokane, Washington has decided to start taking Bitcoin for booze. The bar, Volstead Act, made its first Bitcoin transaction the other day for…