Bull vs Bear

Market bears now scarcer than any time since 1987

Professional investors haven’t had this little fear about stocks since Ronald Reagan was president. It was the same year Michael Jackson told us in a song he was “Bad.” The New York Giants won the Super Bowl. And oh yeah … by the way … the stock market crashed. As gauged by the weekly Investors…


Patriot Power Hour (May 25th, 2014)

China, 1776 Worldwide, Bitcoin, and what it means to be a Patriot — that and more on this week’s episode of the Patriot Power Hour! Be sure to tune into the Patriot Power Hour w/ Lucifer Bernanke *LIVE* Every Sunday Night at 9 PM Eastern at WakingRadio.com What are your thoughts? Contact me on Facebook…


Patriot Power Hour (May 11th, 2014) – Calm Before The Storm?

  Lots of things about to boil out of control worldwide, but it’s been oddly quiet lately — is this the calm before the storm? This episode of the Patriot Power Hour w/ Lucifer Bernanke covers tons of topics, from illegal immigration to Janet Yellen’s inability to label America a Capitalist Democracy to solutions and…


Fed Tapers $10 Billion, Says Economy, Consumer Demand “Picked Up”

Despite dismal data (or the potential for great escape velocity is around the corner data), major event risks, and a Treasury market that just won’t buy the dream of recovery that they are selling; the Fed stuck to its tapering guns… with a consensus $10bn taper… *FED TAPERS BOND BUYING TO $45 BLN MONTHLY PACE…


Patriot Power Hour w/ Lucifer Bernanke (02/16/2014)

A special guest joins the show to get into the guts of what makes Obamacare a travesty against the people of our nation — be sure to tune in to the Patriot Power Hour LIVE Each and Every Sunday Night at 9 PM Eastern at WakingRadio.com — or subscribe to the Podcast with this URL!…


Patriot Power Hour (02/09/2014) – Smellin Yellen’s Federal Reserve

  Out sick last week, Lucifer Bernanke comes back hard with twice the news and analysis on this February 9th, 2014 broadcast of the Patriot Power Hour. Learn the truth – in detail – about Smellin Yellen’s not-so-Federal, private Federal Reserve, and why the printing of Trillions of fiat dollars will be the end of…


Marc Faber Warns “Insiders Are Selling Like Crazy… Short US Stocks, Buy Treasuries & Gold”

Beginning by disavowing Mario Gabelli of any belief that rising stock prices help ‘most’ people (“Fed data suggests half the US population has seen a 40% drop in wealth since 2007”), Marc Faber discusses his increasingly imminent fears of the markets in this recent Barron’s interview. Quoting Hussman as a caveat, “The problem with bubbles…

1929 vs 2014

Has The Stock Market Crash Begun? Dow Off Big As Headwinds Mount

The January Effect supposes that investors will find post-holiday cheer in the first month of the trading year, yet 2014 has brought nothing but frozen misery, as the Dow dropped nearly 2% in its worst trading day in the past several months on Monday. And that may have just been the first shoe to drop. Poor…

Federal Reserve RentaCops

The Federal Reserve is Hiring Lots of New Armed Police Officers

Mirroring a trend seen across the federal government, the Federal Reserve is hiring a raft of new police officers and security guards, developments that some see as preparation for civil unrest. Despite only being as “federal” as Federal Express, the Federal Reserve central banking system has its own law enforcement arm, officers belonging to which…


Smellin Yellen Confirmed As Next Fed Chair

The U.S. Senate has confirmed Janet Yellen to serve as the next chair of the Federal Reserve, after Ben Bernanke finishes his second term at the end of the month. Senators voted 56 to 26 in her favor, with many missing the vote because of inclement weather. Eleven Republicans broke party ranks, voting to support…