Ron Paul: The Ukraine Fuse Has Been Lit (Podcast)

Another separatist victory at the ballot box in East Ukraine.  At the same time warlike members of the Senate are calling for U.S. military exercises in 10 countries around Russia.  And they have even introduced legislation calling for the U.S. to spend $10 billion meddling in the internal politics of Russia.  On The Weekly Podcast,…

Who Is After Crimea

Infographic – Who’s Next After Crimea?

Many had feared (or expected), fallout from Crimea’s referendum and subsequent accession to Russia may embolden ethnic minorities in many bordering nations to seek self-determination. It appears that is taking place in Moldova where Vedomosti reports that Mikhail Burla, head of the Transnistria region’s legislature, has asked Russia’s Duma for draft laws on accession to…

Ukrainian Protesters

Pro-Russian Demonstrators Burn Books, Storm Buildings In Eastern Ukraine

Pro-Russian demonstrators in eastern Ukraine smashed their way into public buildings and burned Ukrainian-language books on Sunday in further protests following two deadly clashes in the region last week. Protests, some several thousand strong, spread to Russian-speaking southern districts as Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, under the control of the Russian military for two weeks, voted in a referendum on joining Russia. Violence in eastern…


Crimea To Abandon Currency, Switch To Russian Ruble On April 1st

Crimean Deputy Prime Minister Rustam Temirgaliev has told RIANovosti that the region will abandon Ukraine’s Hyrvnia: *CRIMEA TO SWITCH TO RUSSIAN RUBLE APRIL 1: RIA NOVOSTI This is not a total surprise as Reuters reported the Crimean Deputy PM stating “we are ready to introduce a ruble zone,” a week ago. For the last few years the…