Former Vice President Dick Cheney speaks at event commemorating the centennial of Ronald Reagan's birth in Santa Barbara, California

Cheney: Next attack on US will be ‘something far more deadlier’ than 9/11

  Former Vice President Dick Cheney warned that the next terrorist attack on the US will be far worse than 9/11 during a nearly two-hour interview. He also took pride in the use of waterboarding and in giving the National Security Agency free reign. The 73-year-old sat down with neoconservative political pundit Bill Kristol on…


Patriot Power Hour Special Broadcast (9-8-2014)

An update on the world just a few days from the 13th Anniversary of 9/11 — will ISIS, Russia, and/or the Banksters make this Fall one to remember, for all the wrong reasons?….     Learn more about your overlords – the Banksters – and how you can help humanity FIGHT BACK against these scum!…


Cops dead from 9/11 illnesses outnumber officers who died in attacks

Editor’s Note: First Responders were told there was no danger from the debris of the Twin Towers and they could work without respriatory gear/etc. — why were they lied to? — so that Wall Street could be opened ASAP and the Banksters could continue their looting of America, of course —  The names of police…


Video: ReThink911 Toronto Subway Ads Launched

Today the ReThink911 campaign launched its newest wave of ads in the Toronto subway system. For the next two weeks, 1.2 million Toronto residents will see the video of Building 7’s collapse and be directed to to learn more. According to Pattison Outdoor, daily subway riders will see the ad an average of five…