LRAD Sound Cannon

Missouri Department of Transportation to use LRAD Sound Cannons on Speeding Drivers

The Missouri Department of Transportation revealed two newly acquired LRAD sound cannons this week, which will reportedly be used to target vehicles that speed in work zones. Coming in at $25,000 a piece, the Long-Range Acoustic Device, a sonic weapon best know for its use against protesters and insurgents in Afghanistan, will alert drivers to…

Armored Vehicle

An Iowa City with a Population of 7,000 Will Receive Armored Military Vehicle

  I’ve covered the militarization of the domestic police force on several occasions on this website. For those of you who need a refresher, I suggest reading the following: There are Over 50,000 SWAT Team Raids Annually in America Retired Marine Colonel to New Hampshire City Council: “We’re Building a Domestic Army” Video of the…

Dollar BandAid

16 Signs That Most Americans Are NOT PREPARED For The Coming Economic Collapse

  #1 Could you come up with $2000 right now?  According to a shocking study that was just released, most Americans could not… Forty percent of individuals in the U.S. said they could not or probably could not come up with $2,000 if an unexpected need arose, according to research by Atif Mian of Princeton University and…

overrepresented jobs state map

Map: What Job Is Your State Known For?

  Some jobs are disproportionately concentrated in certain states. Fashion designers flock to New York, Texas has an outsize share of petroleum engineers, and Floridians are much more likely to be motorboat operators than are other Americans. We made a map that shows the most over-represented job in each state, using the Bureau of Labor…


Avoiding GMOs

  As the GMO (genetically-modified organism) conversation begins to heat up, and more states introduce bills that would require the labeling of GMOs, I wanted to throw together a quick reference for those of us looking to avoid them in our diet more promptly. So what exactly are genetically-modified organisms? The Non-GMO Project defines them as “plants or…

Russia and US Space Friends

NASA suspends contact with Russia over Ukraine crisis

Citing Russia’s ongoing violations of Ukraine’s sovereign and territorial integrity, NASA told its officials today that the agency is suspending all contact with Russian government representatives. In an internal NASA memorandum obtained by The Verge, the agency said that the suspension includes travel to Russia, teleconferences, and visits by Russian government officials to NASA facilities. NASA is…

George Washington $ Collapse

What About The Dollar? Russia, Iran Announce $20 Billion Oil-For-Goods Deal

  Spot what is missing in the just blasted headline from Bloomberg: IRAN, RUSSIA SAID TO SEAL $20B OIL-FOR-GOODS DEAL: REUTERS If you said the complete absence of US Dollars anywhere in the funds flow you are correct. Which is precisely what we have been warning would happen the more the West and/or JPMorgan pushed…