Gov Report: Up To ONE MILLION Jobs Will Be Lost Due to Minimum Wage Hike

A few weeks ago the Congressional Budget Office, which is responsible for the accounting and reporting associated with federal legislation and regulations, estimated that the Affordable Care Act would raise national budget deficits by $1 trillion and lead to the destruction of some 2.5 million jobs. But the new health insurance mandates and the pressure they will…

IMF Ukraine

New Ukrainian Government Requests $35 Billion In Aid Over Next 2 Years

The Russians had dangled their multi-billion euro carrot – then swiftly removed it pending further details of who is really running the show (demanding a crackdown on the extremists who are trying to establish power). The Europeans have promised an even bigger carrot – predicated on, we presume, total abdication of sovereignty. But now the…


US expands military net over Africa, checking China’s influence

  Over the last decade, America has quietly expanded its military presence throughout Africa in an attempt to counter Chinese and other emerging nations’ influence, while consolidating control over critical strategic resources and trade routes. The United States, like its allies Britain and France, has long maintained influence and indirect control in Africa through financial…

Ukraine Gas

The “Ukraine Situation” Explained In One Map

Editor’s Note: The situation in Ukraine is complicated; however, it’s quite apparent that the ‘freedom fighters’ are sponsered by the US, NATO, and European Union, much like the ‘Arab Spring’ that ravaged Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc. — but really it all boils down to one thing: Gas. See below.     Read more at Zero…

Fed vs Foreigner Purchases_0

In 2013 The Fed Bought 150% More Treasurys Than All Foreigners Combined

Now that we have the full history of foreign Treasury purchases in 2013, we know the following: in December 2012 total US paper held by foreigners was $5,573.8 billion; one year later it rose to $5.794.9 billion or a $221 billion increase. So how does this look in the context of QE? In the past…